Friday, 10 May 2013


    World © Geoff Wilkinson - All rights reserved

I was at a friends house last night when this little scene appeared at the end of the garden. These two little fox cubs came out to play watched over though by their cautious mum, she apparently has four more hidden in her den. They only come out at dusk and play under the cover of trees. Shooting through double glazing and bad light is not great for photography but well worth a picture.  


  1. That's so adorable!

    In a previous post you asked if there are places in Wanstead not yet photographed by you for this blog -- have you "done" the bluebells in Wanstead Park yet? They are magnificent right this minute but won't last for long. A very "Wanstead" sight every Spring, those who love the park. The woods where they grow prolifically are just to the west of the "Temple" building.

  2. Glad that you like the picture, I am hoping to get a photograph of the cubs alone but it's quite tricky. Patience and little luck is needed. Meanwhile look for a bluebell wood picture soon ! Thank you for the suggestion.