Friday, 28 February 2014


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I walk past this rickety old fence and brick wall on my way to the Gallery most days. There is an uncared for garden behind the fence.  After a few days of sunshine following the wettest winter recorded, the buds on these branches that peak over the fence are springing to life.  A reminder that Spring is just around the corner. 

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Thursday, 27 February 2014


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This is the second picture that I mentioned the other day.  I am not going to say anything about it. Can you guess where it was taken? There are some clues in it.

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Tuesday, 25 February 2014


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It's been very busy lately so I haven't been out and about in Wanstead as much as I'd like. I've been in the West Country, then editing loads of pictures from magazine shoots and of course working on the Also I have been looking through some of the local pictures that I have taken and have found a couple that I really like but have forgotten to put on, so let let me put that right over the next couple of days.

This picture was taken earlier this year, the tree with the bare branches is on Nightingale Green it was one of those evenings with a lovely sunset, we had quite a few.

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Monday, 24 February 2014


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As you may or may not know a while ago I published my own little handbook on how to use and take pictures on a digital camera. I found most of the other books that I read about this subject too confusing, concentrating more on the technical side rather than getting you up and running taking pictures.  I decided to write my own handbook cutting out most of the technical stuff and just explaining that by following a few simple steps you can immediately take pictures and enjoy your photography.

The book is on sale at the gallery but as you know published books are expensive. I have now published this book on Amazon kindle, obviously at a much reduced price of £3.38.  If you would like to download a copy just click on this link and it will take you straight through to the book on Amazon.  I hope you enjoy the read.

Saturday, 22 February 2014


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Some time ago Time Out voted Wanstead the best London Village, recently the Evening Standard did a two page story and of course The Sunday Times put us near the top of their most desirable places to live.

Now as the picture shows even our jumble sales are going 'posh', I wonder what an earth will be on sale? Anyway if you fancy picking up a 'posh' piece it's on at The United Reformed Church at the top of Nightingale Lane 11am till 5pm today. Monocles and Tiaras at the ready, good luck. 

Friday, 21 February 2014


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Do you remember when you were a child? Sitting with your friends looking at clouds and trying to find faces, shapes of animals or countries in them. Well I spotted this formation at the end of the day from Wanstead, its obvious to me what it is. The dark, bottom area is a mountain range with a peak in the middle, the peak of course is an active volcano. You can tell this from the plume of smoke being emitted from the top and drifting to the right obliterating the sun. Let me know what you can see in this picture.

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Wednesday, 19 February 2014


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Something I have noticed and often thought about wandering the streets of Wanstead is why do older houses have names, usually carved above the front door. This said, on the above picture they are much nearer the roof line. I think I have resolved the thought.  My friend Alex, a fountain of knowledge about all things Wanstead told me that prior to approximately 1906 carving a name above the house was the norm.  After that date the post office insisted on numbers.  I wonder no more.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014


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Err… It's not actually, it's just looking along a garage door in Nightingale Lane.  I like it though.

Monday, 17 February 2014


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Up with the lark yesterday, actually up before the lark.  Passing through the High Street on my way to Birmingham I saw this fab moon setting over Evergreen Field with the spire of Christ Church on the right. Although against time I just had to stop and take a picture.

Saturday, 15 February 2014


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I took this picture in Nightingale Lane last night as I left the Gallery. I'm sure this gentleman and his dog were on their way home, bet they couldn't wait to get there. It's not a technically perfect image but I think it sums up the mood last night!

Friday, 14 February 2014

VALENTINES DAY - don't forget...

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Happy Valentines day ! I'm sure you've all bought cards, chocolates and flowers etc, did you send the card unsigned as tradition demands or did you declare your love ? As I passed Lilles of Wanstead in the High Street I had to stop and snap a picture, as always a great window decoration. Have a nice, romantic day.

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Thursday, 13 February 2014


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I can't think why I haven't photographed these flats before. I think it's so easy to get used to things that you pass  all the time, you just take them for granted, sort of temporary visual forgetfulness. Anyway I think they always look smart and really well maintained and in sunlight they look even better.  

Interestingly,I couldn't find any history about this development on 'google', apart from flats for rent or sale. If you have any information I'd be interested to know.  

Wednesday, 12 February 2014


Ah, did you spot the deliberate mistake? Sunday I published three pictures instead of one, you got Monday and Tuesdays pictures  early, back to normal now. 

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I thought this picture might cheer us all up. I know the weather wasn’t too bad here in Wanstead yesterday but you have to admit generally it's been windy, cold and wet. Yet despite whatever the weather throws at us, here in my front garden this little daffodil has come out in full bloom as it does every year.

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Sunday, 9 February 2014


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You know the saying about buses how 'you wait for ages then two come along at once'. Well with me it seems to be yellow objects floating in puddles that this applies too. I published a picture of a tennis ball floating in a puddle on January 18th this year and blow me down walking along the High Street a couple of days ago I saw the same thing but with a Belisha beacon reflected! Bit trickier this time of course because it kept flashing on and off.

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Well it's not actually a new road rather a new 'Row'. I spotted it last weekend as I was walking along Nightingale Lane, it's at the top end opposite Wanstead United Reformed Church.  Stables Row as it's now called always provided rear access to the shops on the High Street and presumably in the past to stables. At the far end on the right hand side was a warehouse that the late antique shop used for storage, next door was a collection of smaller buildings that were once the premises of a wholesale butcher. Excellent sausages so I am told. Anyway as you can see from the pictures it has now been given over to a building project that appear to be low rise flats. I'll be interested to see how they look when completed, no sign of an agents board just yet.

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As I was walking around George Green the other evening on the way home from the Gallery, I spotted this beauty on the forecourt of the excellent Zeeba daycare in Draycot Road. I'm used to seeing the odd fox and squirrel in Wanstead but this character really stood out.

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Thursday, 6 February 2014


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Different things appeal to different people, with me it's straight lines, vertical and horizontal. I am not big on circles so I expect every time I see railings or a fence, especially if they seem to be emitting from a wall,it just appeals.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014


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I went for a walk yesterday around Connaught Waters in Epping Forest. A new path has been laid around the lake similar to the one around the new wildlife pond on Wanstead Flats. It's a great walk even in winter, nice and level and mostly a hard surface all the way round. Due to the heavy rain there was a small amount of flooding off the path, and that's where I came across these trees surrounded by water. Another example of reflections captured by the camera.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014


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There is a lovely lady in Wanstead who's passionate about plants, you probably know who she is. This is a picture of her front window advertising her winter iris's for sale, all money she receives from the sales go to Amnesty International so its a great cause to support. Like the mannequin that almost fooled me last week the cat in the window did the same thing for a couple of seconds as well !

Monday, 3 February 2014


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One of the things I love about these sunny winter days is the clarity that it seems to give the light. It brings out the detail in everything particularly buildings as this shot of the Clock Tower of the old Wanstead hospital on Hermon Hill shows. Wonderful detail and workmanship.

Sunday, 2 February 2014


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Photographed this lovely rainbow yesterday from the door of the Gallery in Nightingale Lane, shame they never seem to last for long. Still with the sunshine in the morning and this rainbow in the afternoon it wasn't a bad day for photography. Still no sign of the pot of gold though.

Saturday, 1 February 2014


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I have been photographing in Buckhurst Hill lately for a commission, I am building up a small collection of the area, not as many as Wanstead however! I particularly like this picture of the pond, its got a good winter feel to it. Not sure if it has a name or not but you can't miss it as you travel along the High Road.