Wednesday, 8 January 2014


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We try to get to Wales every year for a few days and when we do we always visit  Aberystwyth. It's a town I really like, I feel comfortable there. It's not too big so you can walk everywhere, it has some interesting architecture, good solid shops including a great Cuban cigar dealer, an excellent baker and of course the National Library of Wales. The students from Aberystwyth University give the streets a certain buzz.  

I really like the 'prom' and have spent many evenings watching flocks of starlings dodging and weaving over the sea as they encircle the pier as the sun goes down behind them. 

It has of course suffered terribly in the last few days particularly the Victorian esplanade and Marine terrace. My friend and relative Peter sent me the two pictures above. It looks as if the beach has been physically extended over the promenade such is the power of the sea. Let's hope for a speedy recovery and wish well to people all over the country suffering from flooding.

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