Friday, 17 April 2015


    All pictures World © Geoff Wilkinson - All rights reserved

.....anyway I'm not a swan expert but I suspect that was what all the fuss was about. This pair of swans were all over Jubilee Pond sometimes chasing sometimes almost flying, they were so fast they seemed to blend into one. I expect as its spring, l'amour est dans l'air..

  All pictures world © Geoff Wilkinson - All rights reserved


  1. Beautiful and dynamic shots, Geoff- you've captured the motion very well!

  2. Superb and brilliant action shots, Geoff!!!

  3. Those are indeed fabulous shots! Activity like this can spring up so fast that it's often hard just to be quick enough to grab the camera and get some decent action shots. Lovely pictures.

    It is indeed the time for love as adult swans will be starting to court, mate and nest.

    So I hate to burst the love bubble, but those particular swans look like they are yearling cygnets produced last Spring, about to fly off and leave the ponds they were either hatched to or took up residence in. You can tell by those darker feathers in various places -- they still have the greyish markings of a youngster, and yearlings, though almost adult, won't themselves mate for a couple more years. They may be practicing flying in order to get ready to leave, as their parents chase them away at this time of year, that's another chasing that will be seen a lot just now.

    Or one cygnet may even be expressing dominance (ie, bullying!) over the other in order to establish the right to stay on that pond, possibly after both having been "kicked out" from somewhere else by different parents. Lots of kicking out going on at this time of year!

    Whatever the activity was, still wonderful, dynamic shots to catch!

    1. Ah, I bow to your superior knowledge, thank you for the information..

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    1. Yes it was certainly fast and furious....