Friday, 11 December 2015


World © Geoff Wilkinson - All right reserved
Steve from Parker Dairies delivers our daily pinta, when he popped into the Gallery last Saturday I notice that his milk float had a fresh coat of paint and very smart it looked.

If you a fan of the television show Thunderbirds  you will of course know that Lady Penelope's chauffeur is called Parker same as Steve's dairy with me so far? So Steve in addition to the fresh coat of paint on his float now has a picture of a cow on the float which naturally enough is called Penelope...

World © Geoff Wilkinson - All rights reserved

NewsFlash:check the Parker Diaries Christmas video just click here


  1. Penelope the cow.. has a nice ring to it Geoff :)

  2. Penelope Parker?!!! Wasn't that Spider Woman's name?

  3. What a cute logo. I like that the milk still comes in glass bottles. In Canada (or at least in Ontario), we always got milk in bags.

  4. Loooooove! And I'd forgotten all about Thunderbirds! I loved it!

  5. Milk in bottles, goodness I don't see that in London