Tuesday, 16 August 2016


     World © Geoff Wilkinson/All rights reserved

...unless you are a Wanstead resident you probably won't be too excited by the arrival of The Ginger Pig on our High Street. Wanstead folk are however especially as we have lost our old butcher. It's a great shop with a wonderful display and selection of meats, I can personally vouch for the sirloin steak, delicious. Being one of the world's leading experts on sausage roll eating I can say they too are just wonderful...

...anyway before I get too carried away raving about food I was also struck by this lovely brass name and pig motif set in tiles at the entrance. As I'm always telling anyone who will listen you must look up and look down not just straight ahead otherwise you might miss something... a very stylish entrance..


  1. The sign and letters are very creative!

  2. That's a funny name for a butcher's, but I like it!
    And you don't have to tell me to look up and down. I'm doing it all the time. :)

  3. Wonderful and fun decor...