Tuesday, 20 May 2014

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Remember a few days ago I published a picture of some double gates in Voluntary Place and I wondered what was behind them.  Well, here's another little mystery for you and this time it's in Cowley Road.  If you are just passing through either on foot, car or bicycle, it just looks like an attractive road with two rows of identical terrace houses.  Stop though  almost in the middle and between two houses is a big set of double gates leading where?  Big enough for a horse and cart to get through, what lies behind them? Is there a yard or an old stable building as there is at the rear of our Gallery.  Perhaps the house that the gates are part of was once a small shop, one of many dotted around Wanstead, it's a thought.  If anyone knows the answer please drop me a line.


  1. These house were built very appx 1900. It was not unusual to have shop at the end of the street built in the same style as the houses, these now have been turned into homes. I have never come across a shop in the middle of the road before, it's just supposition on my part, I hope someone in Wanstead knows the answer.

  2. This is a very old post - but the answer is - it was an undertaker's!