Monday, 27 July 2015


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I was invited to a private view of an installation at Wanstead library last week. It is by my friend local artist Mark Braniff, it's really interesting piece of work. It's mixed media installation entitled 'You are enough'  and is on show until the the 14th of August. Apart from the work itself I was also intrigued by the reflection of visitors in the glass and the effect that had on the work...another dimension perhaps... Anyway well done Mark, these pieces are hard work and very time consuming so thank you for giving us the chance to see it.

    World © Geoff Wilkinson - All rights reserved

Here's Marks own words to describe his installation and a link to his website..

'You Are Enough'
Our elders would display prize plates and those commemorating lost
memories on the mantlepiece or up high above the pelmet. Collecting
the dust of our weary bodies; they all at once recorded a life.
Our plates align to punctuate the lives of plants, commemorating their
brevity, their aesthetic systems, their return to nothingness. Like
metaphysical magicians, they conjure with our own vulnerabilities, and
are constant reminders of our own return to dust.
Loss and absence veins through our lives. We will all experience losing
people close to us, losing physiological or mental function or losing our
way at times. Our ideals, dreams and desired destinies crash around
us. Resilience sends boats to our rescue but some of us remain lost.
Those lost ones cannot remember that it is ‘enough’ if we are at peace
with our core…our kernel, and that we must sift through life’s flotsam to
save seed and gather are enough.



  1. Interesting indeed and I like the plates!

  2. The reflection's the first element I noticed in that first shot.

  3. Interesting ideas. I like the reflections.