Saturday, 22 November 2014


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At first glance when you look at this picture you will probably think that at last I have slipped of the edge. It looks like a very poor quality photograph indeed. I however like it. The story is, there's always a story, one of our three local Wanstead garages is closing to make way for a housing development. Sadly it's located in a really great old building on Church Path which will have to go as I understand it. Fortunately I have photographed the exterior, which you can see here.  As I passed by the other day, the doors were firmly shut although I am not sure if they have finally closed. I noticed through the rain splattered windows these two old fashioned oil cans crying out to be pictured. So here you are, garage oil cans through a dirty, rain splattered window. I still like it. I & K Brown, a Wanstead institution, you will be sorely missed by many residents.

...and on a different subject don't forget that there is a free craft demo day at Craft Boutique 84 in Nightingale Lane this coming Sunday the 23rd. There will be demonstration's of several products and techniques between 12 and 2.30pm and of course a cup of tea.

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