Saturday, 6 June 2015


                            World © Geoff Wilkinson - All rights reserved

Geraldine Roberts came into the studio a couple of months ago for a photoshoot, we had a really lovely day and produced some great pictures, The one above is one of my favourites from the shoot. Geraldine is a Regency historian and author, she has always lived in East London and has spent many a happy weekend wandering through Wanstead Park, this leads me to the point of the photoshoot.

Geraldine has her first novel coming out on the 18th of June, 'The Angel and the Cad', the story revolves around 'going on's' at Wanstead House. The words on Geraldine's website can explain it much better than I can... 

'It is the true story of a high society scandal that gripped the British public 200 years ago. Catherine Tylney Long was the richest heiress in Regency Britian... her dashing husband was a notorious libertine. Togther they exuded glamour and wealth, living like royalty at Wanstead House, while keeping the nation enthralled with the shocking twists and turns of their marriage'.

Whether your interest is in scandal, history or Wanstead this is the book to buy... I'm all of a tremble, I can't wait to get my hands on my copy...


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    1. Thank you William, I'm very pleased with it...

  2. Brilliant portrait Geoff, of course Geraldine IS gorgeous that makes it easier :) Really like the white on white, looks so fresh. I think black with black background would be fab also.

    1. Thanks Grace, I'm so glad you like it. I think white on white is always stylish and clean and it all came together in this picture.