Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Carter Lane & Fleet Street Photography Walk:

Date: Sunday 26th April 2015
Time: 10 am to 4.30pm
Cost: £75 per person (Maximum of 8 people, so places are limited).
Fare and refreshments are not included.

This is a walk that I have wanted to do for a long time.

Carter Lane is a relatively short distance,  it is a very old thoroughfare possibly dating from the 12 century. It’s name first appears in the 13th century when carriers used this lane in preference to nearby Ludgate Hill which could be congested with cattle and traders.

Although none of the original buildings survive this narrow twisting lane still has plenty of old world charm and mystery. Aside from the lane itself there are many smaller lanes, alleyways and a courtyard that add to it’s charms. There is the original St Paul’s Choir School building built in 1875 with it’s Latin inscriptions on the front and the site of the Kings Wardrobe destroyed by the great fire in 1666 in a lovely little courtyard. As I said there are many unique alleyways off Carter Lane to explore.

From Carter Lane we shall head across to Fleet Street, my old stamping ground in my  newspaper days. Again narrow alleys, courtyards, squares, Christopher Wrens St Brides Church and the famous Cheshire Cheese pub are all in this street. Once famous for it’s newspapers, at the far end of the street where it meets The Strand is the Church of St Dunstan’s in the West and interestingly next door is purported to be the site of Sweeney Todd’s barbershop, true or false I don’t know but it’s a spooky thought.

There are masses of picture opportunities on this walk. Please make sure your battery is fully charged and bring a spare if you have one. Any type of camera is suitable for this walk from point and shoots to DSLR’s.

As usual, I will be there not to take pictures but to give you technical support with things like white balance, exposure compensation and anything else you might need. Of course me being me I’m bound to chuck in a few ideas and suggestions as well!

This is an all day workshop meeting and leaving from Wanstead tube station at 10am, we will wrap up on location round 4.30pm. There will be plenty of opportunities for coffee breaks   etc.,  during the day. If you are not Wanstead based you can meet up with us at St Paul’s tube station.

To book a place on this workshop, please call the gallery on 0208 530 1244.


  1. Sounds pricey to me but educational and fun. :)

    1. London is an expensive place to live and this is reasonable compared to some, it will definitely be fun :)

  2. I would love to do this walk Geoff. I remember many years ago my Uncle who worked on a newspaper taking me around Fleet Street, was fantastic!

    1. Yes it was an amazing place when it was full of newspapers, sadly it's now corporate banks but the buildings, alleyways and pubs still exist :)

  3. Will certainly give it our best shot William..